The Jacky Winter Group

In March of 2016 I joined the Jacky Winter team in the newly created role of Social Media and Post Production Officer. In the two+ years I worked there, I controlled the public-facing marketing channels for the company. Across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Behance, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr and, for a hot minute, Ello, I created, crafted and shared content relating to Jacky Winter and its many branches of business: Jacky Winter Gardens, Lamington Drive, Flutter and Gif Horse.

The Jacky Winter Group Social Media Marketing, Content Manager

The Jacky Winter Group

Digital Marketing Stats


Instagram Posts


Tweets Sent


Blogs Written


Facebook Posts


Instagram follower growth

~15k+ followers gained from April '16 - May '18


Behance follower growth

~2k+ followers gained from Jan '17 - May '18


Average engagement rate on Behance

From May '16 to May '18


Average newsletter open rate

Benchmark Ave. 16.48%


Pinterest follower growth

Benchmark Ave. is 1.74%


Average engagement rate on Instagram

From May '17 to May '18
Benchmark Ave. 3%


Of Instagram posts performed above the 3% benchmark


Average engagement rate on Facebook

From May '17 to May '18
Benchmark Ave. 1%


Average engagement rate on Twitter

From May '17 to May '18
Benchmark Ave. 1%


Average engagement rate on LinkedIn

From May '17 to May '18
Benchmark Ave. 0.05%


As Jonathan is to Queer Eye – Instagram is undoubtedly Jacky Winter’s largest social media marketing tool.

The feed acts as a digital portfolio and keeps its audience up to date with agency news every single day.

Below is a collection of my best-performing posts for Jacky Winter. Feel free to swipe to your hearts content!

Instagram Story & Snapchat Artist takeovers

Alongside posts to the Instagram feed, I also worked to develop an Instagram Story strategy including blog highlights, goings on in the office, event coverage and staff takeovers during business trips. But by far the most engaging Story content were the artist takeovers. Initially shared over Snapchat, these takeovers carried through to Instagram once its Story feature was introduced. Jacky Winter artists were given the opportunity to engage our audience with behind-the-scenes content that offered a glimpse into their creative working lives.

Swipe through this gallery to see some examples of the sort of takeovers the artists created.


Ah, Facebook. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Since photos and videos perform best on Facebook, and Jacky Winter’s social media objectives were mainly to raise awareness and maintain brand authority, I used Facebook as a scrapbook for the agency’s latest projects.

Swipe through the gallery below to see some examples of how Facebook content was shared.

While most of the videos I shared were created by Flutter or Jacky Winter artists, I cut together this footage taken by Apparition Media into a short piece showing the installation of Brolga’s mural for Jaguar in Bondi.


Like Instagram and Facebook, I used Twitter as another channel to share the latest projects from Jacky Winter.

However, I also regularly retweeted content directly from our artists, using our platform to boost theirs, and made use of Twitter’s flexibility in sharing visual content – jumping between single images, multiple images, videos and GIFs.

On occasion, I also engaged in discussions about the creative industry with the creative community on Twitter.


I shifted blog posts from the Jacky Winter website in December of 2016, back when our Behance had only 56 appreciations and 793 project views. Over 15 months, Behance amassed 8590 appreciations, 76599 project views and over 2k additional followers.


Coined “The Creators Network”, for as long as a month I experimented with using Ello as another platform to house our work.

In the short time before it was abandoned for other projects, Jacky Winter’s presence on Ello gained 350+ followers, 26k views and was featured in the Ello Illustration channel.

Had we pursued this channel I believe this could have grown exponentially and potentially lead to lead generation, since so many other creatives and agencies use the platform also.


In 2016 I set out to perform a mass-update of Jacky Winter’s Pinterest presence and with that, each artists’ folio on the site.

Using platforms such as ViralTag and Viralwoot, Jacky Winter’s folio manager and I scheduled over four thousand images to be uploaded to the Jacky Winter Pinterest, with links leading back to Jacky Winter’s website.

Most of the 2k followers were gained within five months of this campaign, and the engagement – not just in Jacky Winter’s owned media, but also through earned media – skyrocketed.

Jacky Winter Group - Social Media Marketing by Penelope Wilson