Tamil Feasts

Tamil Feasts is a Melbourne-based social enterprise that supports the lives of four Tamil asylum-seekers through thrice-weekly meals at CERES Community Garden. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday these men cook up an amazing Tamil fare with the help of volunteers, and tell their stories of survival to the throngs of attendees.

Over the course of 2018, I volunteered my time to fill the Tamil Feasts social media channels with content that seeks to raise awareness to both Tamil Feasts and the importance of supporting asylum seekers in Australia.


During our time managing the account, the Tamil Feasts Instagram focused on Tamil traditions, promoting community events, telling the stories of the four Tamil chefs and encouraging bookings for the weekly feasts.

Facebook Page Events

Through a concerted effort to engage with Tamil Feasts Facebook audience and the popularity of Facebook Events, I’ve been publishing regular Facebook Events for the ever-changing weekly menu and special events that Tamil Feasts is involved with. These events saw an immediate boost in bookings and interest for the weekly feasts.

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