Soap Club

In 2016 I developed a social media marketing strategy for Soap Club – a Melbourne-based business that produces natural, vegan and cruelty-free soap. I met with Zibby – Soap Club’s founder – for a one-on-one consultation, where we spoke about the concerns and confusion she was experiencing in running the business’s social media channels.

Through a strategy document developed after our consultation, I helped Zibby to define Soap Club’s target audience, business objective on social media, the strengths already existing in their strategy and areas to grow and improve.

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“This social media review Penny created for Soap Club was a huge help. It gave me clarity and confidence in my social media marketing. The document has recently come in handy when I handed over my social accounts to a virtual assistant. Everything is already laid out in an easy to understand way!”

– Zibby, founder of Soap Club.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Soap Club - Digital Marketing Melbourne

The Strategy In Action

With every strategy, it’s expected that not every suggestion made will stick, and that’s perfectly okay. If anything, my time with Zibby helped her to readily define the “content pillars”, among other things, upon which she has grown and developed her social media marketing. You can see below how bathing rituals, process photography, product flatlays, stockist photography, and raw ingredients all feature heavily in Soap Club’s ongoing strategy in a well-defined but cohesive manner.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Soap Club - Digital Marketing Melbourne