Twopence Social digital marketing services

Social media and digital marketing services for small to medium creative businesses. Scroll down to see what services we offer! 

Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret social media is a crucial part of any good digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking for someone to assist you with your ongoing output of content, or you’re simply after a consultation with a professional on your current strategy, Twopence Social can assist you with your social media marketing across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. 

Social Media Photography & Graphic Design

The biggest crux of social media marketing: having the imagery to post. Twopence Social can assist you in producing high quality photography (whether it be product shots, event documentation or something else) and graphic assets to keep your brand-specific content flowing, and reduce the need to fill space with other people’s imagery. 


Content Writing

They used to say “Content is King” when talking about digital marketing. And while it’s true that we rely far more on social media these days, blog articles are still a necessary part of any strategy to build your brand as an industry authority and for SEO. Twopence Social can produce beautifully written, well researched blog articles that hit all the right keywords to keep you relevant. 


Looking for that killer headline? Need to speak to more clearly to your audience?
Twopence Social writes website and advertising copy that speaks directly to your audience, inspiring them to take action! Plus, our copy is always optimised for search engines to ensure more people are finding you as the answer to their problems. 


Email Template Design

Ensure your email marketing is on-brand with a custom designed email template that perpetuates brand recognition while delivering all the necessary information it should. 

Ongoing Email Marketing

You need to keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis, right? And email marketing is a fantastic way to do that. Let them know of new products, sales, latest news or what you’re inspired by with engaging ongoing email marketing.


Custom Website Build

All roads lead to your website, so it’s no wonder it needs to be unique, engaging and answer all the questions your audience is asking. With Twopence Social, you’ll get a custom designed, mobile responsive website, tailored specifically to your brand and business objectives. 

Website Maintenance

You have a website that’s working well, but maybe it needs a little touch up, or you want some extra features added. Make sure your website is up-to-date and relevant to your audience with regular website maintenance. 


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