Lamington Drive

A gallery is an ever evolving space – its tone dictated by the artist and the artwork that occupies it. For over two years I watched as Lamington Drive Gallery emerged as a completely unique space with each new exhibition it held.

Throughout this time, I assisted Lamington Drive’s gallery manager with the gallery’s social media marketing. This comprised documenting the installation of exhibitions and their opening night events using photography, Instagram stories and – in some cases – 360 photos and videos; creating and scheduling content to Instagram over the duration of each show; maintaining the Facebook events for LD’s digital drawing classes; and managing relationships with exhibition sponsors.

The challenge of maintaining continuity in such a dynamic space. with the presence of Lamington Drive’s tone-of-voice, and gentle introductions to the change of pace that came with each new show.

Below you’ll find examples of my contributions to Lamington Drive Gallery’s social media marketing practice.

Opening Night Documentation

Top: Photographs from the opening of Ellen Porteus’s solo show ‘Shameless’.

Middle: Photos from the opening events for Beci Orpin’s ‘Unattainable Rainbows’ and Gemma O’Brien’s ‘Away With Words’. 

Bottom: Photography from the opening nights of Lamington Drive’s group show ‘Les Chiens’, ‘Calamine’ by Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Samatis, Emma Leonard’s ‘Places I’d Rather Be’, Marc Martin’s solo show ‘Long Way Home’ and James Jirat Patradoon and Sonny Day’s artwork for the group show ‘Death Metal Hands’.


Each exhibition is just as much about the artist as it is the artwork itself. In the lead up to a new show I documented the installation process, giving the Lamington Drive audience a look into the behind-the-scenes goings on of the gallery.

Video: A day-long Instagram story chronicling the installation of James Jirat Patradoon and Sonny Day’s artwork for the group show ‘Death Metal Hands’.

Instagram Post: Timelapse video of Ellen Porteus installing the mural for her ‘Shameless’ exhibition.


Lamington Drive often aims to mention the sponsorship of companies such as Bodriggy Beer and Young Henrys in ways that were natural, playful or authentic.


When ticket sales for Lamington Drive’s digital drawing classes were dwindling, I took to their Facebook pageThe introduction of dedicated Facebook events saw ticket sales immediately jump and resulted in often booked-out classes.

Day to day social media

During each exhibition, daily posts populated Instagram and Facebook to amplify the unique voice of each show, showcase individual artworks and encourage more visitors.