Jacky Winter Gardens

Nestled in the cushiony foliage of Belgrave is Jacky Winter Gardens – a cottage bursting with the creative spoils of Jacky Winter artists. Developed as a creative retreat and the perfect locale for Jacky Winter’s artist residency program, Jacky Winter Gardens is one of the many varying ways that the business sought to connect with its creative community. Its Instagram account acted as the first-port-of-call for marketing strategies.

I ran the Jacky Winter Gardens social media like a travel blog – promoting local businesses, events and leisurely activities found nearby, all the while encouraging the audience to experience these things for themselves while staying at the cottage. Through organic practices, I grew the Jacky Winter Gardens following from around 400 followers to the now 3.6k it has as of creating this folio piece, two years on. Each month, I coordinated an Instagram takeover with the chosen artist in residence, who acted both as an advocate for the program and for simply staying at the cottage.

Below, you’ll find examples of the content I curated, and the takeovers produced by resident artists.


During a short stay at Jacky Winter Gardens, I took advantage of my time to document every little nook and cranny of the eccentric but calming atmosphere created in the cottage. I then used the Instagram Story Highlight as an opportunity for profile visitors to get an immediate sense of what Jacky Winter Gardens is like as a travel destination.


Artist In Residence Instagram Takeovers

Jasmine Mansbridge was by far one of the most prolific posters during her artist residency, and below is a snapshot of how takeovers such as hers seamlessly worked into the overall look and feel of the Jacky Winter Gardens Instagram feed.

Day-to-day Social Media Feed

Here you’ll find examples of how posts acted individually and worked together to create an alluring sense of what staying at Jacky Winter Gardens might look and feel like.