Over nine months, I worked with iconic Australian fashion label gorman on their PR and social media marketing. No one day looked like another in the fast-paced world of fashion.

My role comprised of many various mini-roles; In any one day I was a combination of social media marketer, photographer, analyst, customer service rep, stylist, strategist, public relations rep, copywriter, stakeholder liason, art director or assistant art director – plus many other things.

A single page can’t sum up the multitude of experiences I had and skills I developed over the course of my limited time at Gorman, but I’ll try anyway.

Cold Hard Social Media Stats

1 +
Instagram posts
1 k
Instagram Followers
1 %
Average engagement rate on Instagram posts
1 %
Increase in Instagram Revenue
1 k
Average daily Story view by Q1 2019
1 %
Increase in Instagram Stories Revenue
1 +
New pins on Pinterest
1 %
Pinterest follower growth
1 %
Increase in Pinterest Revenue
1 +
Facebook Posts
1 k
Facebook follower growth


I created, curated, crafted and captioned daily posts to Instagram’s feed and Stories.

A key milestone during my time there was running the social media coverage of Gorman’s 2019 VAMFF solo runway show ‘Celebrating Ten Years of Collaborating’ down at Heide Museum of Modern Art.

All night I bounced from back-of-house to the main event, between sponsor tables and from the end of the runway to the start.

I documented the event on Instagram throughout the night, including previewing the runway on Gorman’s Stories shortly after it happened: the whole fifteen minutes of it.



Gorman’s Pinterest received a huge overhaul when I arrived: the last few seasons that hadn’t quite made it in there were uploaded, the boards tidied and rearranged, and I introduced a new ‘shop the latest’ board where all our ecommerce images were housed, in order to be taking up as much Pinterest real estate as possible.

As you can see from the stats above – my methods worked.

Photoshoot assistance + art direction

Throughout my time as social media manager, I ensured each collection was given a dedicated social media photoshoot.

I also worked alongside Lisa Gorman herself to assist in the art direction of a handful of campaign photoshoots throughout Gorman’s ss18 and aw19 seasons.

Pictured is the most recent social media shoot I worked on, for Gorman’s ‘Collaboration Celebration’ collection. Each capsule collection given its own concept, depending on the artist and the print story.

Influencer marketing

We get by with a little help from our friends – and sometimes those friends come in the form of social media superstars with followings unparalleled to our own.

In an effort to target broad audiences as well as niche ones, I worked with stylists, talent agents and in direct communication to dress celebrities including Claire Bowditch, Lily Allen, Ash London and Missy Higgins and influencers like Maryanne Moodie, Yassmin Abdel Magied, Liz Kamarul and Coury Combs.


Alongside captions, Gorman required copy for lookbooks, product guides, press releases and email newsletters. Working my way around words is one of my favourite things to do, so it was no secret I was up to the challenge.

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