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feed envy - todobarro

FEED ENVY: Todobarro

It's hard to imagine anyone getting all that excited over the social media presence of a terracotta tile business - but Spanish-based business Todobarro has made it happen. Capitalising on the Instagram trend of flatlay-esque photography, Todobarro has curated a feed of follow-worthy snaps that high ...


Creating a content marketing plan is good for your mental health

Let’s estimate that if you own or are a part of a small business with a social media presence, you’re putting out content each week at these numbers: Facebook: 3 posts Instagram: 7 posts Twitter: 14 posts LinkedIn: 3 posts That means in a calendar year, you’ll be publishing approximately 15 ...


Is it better to compartmentalise your social media?

You've come up with a new project. You're inspired by the idea and you just. Can't. Wait. To. Start! You're already buying domain names, and checking handle availabilities on all the relevant social media channels. But, before you seal the deal on that fresh new Twitter account, take a moment to thi ...